PivotalFS Features

Lead and Opportunity Management

PivotalFS – UX leverages not only the PivotalCRM platform technology but also its base CRM Sales methodology.  We have been able to take an outstanding sales methodology framework and build it into the mortgage and general insurance sales cycle.

Our unique highly customisable solution follows a structured sales process that maps out the stages from lead acquisition, through opportunity qualification incorporating the best practices from the principles of structured selling.  Working with clients for over 20 years we have continually enhanced and adapted our sales engine to be flexible and configurable to meet our clients’ needs.  Supporting evolving changes in legislation, plus new financial products and services.

PivotalFS is unique in that we believe not all clients are equal, the ability to adapt a Sales Automation system to meet your own sales and selling practises is essential.  Likewise our ability to support sophisticated and complex commissions, introducer and sales performance remuneration formulas.

PivotalFS – UX supports consultant configurable Widgets, Dashboards and graphical tools to highlight to sales staff active opportunities, sales channel forecasting and lead to case closure performance analysis.

PivotalFS has a sophisticated security model allowing our clients to map business data and features to particular roles and individuals.  We can support both an employed and appointed representative sales consultant model.

Powerful and dynamic UX user interface introducing Actions Centres, Dashboards and Sales Pipelines


Every company should have the means to judge their own approach to business risk. To this end PivotalFS has a comprehensive and flexible risk based matrix engine that allows our clients to create templates with rules to highlight areas of business that they need or want to review closely and make tactical decisions on.

At the same time allow normalised business to transaction as smoothly and frictionless as possible.

Case Management

Once a Sales Opportunity has passed Compliance it is converted to a Case, here the Administration team typically take over whilst at the same time PivotalFS allows the Sales Consultant to be fully aware of process. 

Automated task and process management tools enable large volumes of cases to be concurrently managed by tracking activity and scheduled tasks between third parties and internal staff.  The system has a powerful financial management and banking engine allowing changes in Case values to be accurately tracked and adjusted for onward forwarding to the clients General Account application.

Financial Planning

PivotalFS supports the cross selling of specialty protection products sold either in conjunction with a Mortgages or as independent product lines.  Specialist Financial planning advisors can work closely with other members of the Sales team.

PivotalFS supports both Indemnity and Non-Indemnity commissioned sales.

General Insurance

New to PivotalFS – UX is a comprehensive General Insurance Sales and Administration module.   Fully integrated in the overall sales, administration and financial Management platform and incorporating our structured selling methodology PivotalFS – GI can be used as part of the Mortgage Sales process or as a completely standalone product.

Management and Financial Reporting

Key for a business is accurate financial reporting. PivotalFS incorporates a comprehensive Financial Management and Banking module.  PivotalFS tracks and monitors all financial changes throughout the Sales cycle: Lead, through Opportunity and then to Case.  Continuously updating forecasted income both Net and Gross and adjusting commissions, payaways and bonuses as required.

We leverage our application web services engine and REST APIs to integrate with third party General Account products such as Oracle NetSuite.