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PivotalFS offers a complete business solution for mortgage intermediaries and General Insurance.

Quality of Service and excellent client relationship management are factors that are attributable to above average performing companies in service related business sectors.  None more so than mortgage broking and general insurance where margins are becoming increasingly tighter and customers are being encouraged to shop around.

With ever evolving regulations, line of business applications are central to ensuring compliance and administrative controls are maintained throughout the sales lifecycle.

PivotalFS is a configurable and customisable Financial Services business CRM platform that allows us to build solutions tailored to your business.  Custom data entry forms, workflows and reporting all built on the Microsoft architecture. 

Core functionality provides for extremely rapid deployment and thereafter its unique technology platform, (PivotalCRM from Avolin) means it can be fully customized according to the company’s individual working practises.

As a result, PivotalFS provides economic total cost of ownership across the complete implementation lifecycle, delivering a sensible set of commonly needed features out-of-the-box, while ensuring a business can quickly customize, integrate and deploy a solution to match their current and evolving business needs.